What Is Your Observer Effect Causing?

What Do You Observe About Yourself In Your Mind?

In physics, there is something referred to as “the observer effect.”  Scientists have discovered that the very act of observing something changes the outcome of it. There is a well known scientific experiment referred to as the double slit experiment. The bottom line is that scientists thought they would measure patterns created when particles that were shot through slits.

What they discovered was mind-boggling. The patterns changed when they actually set up equipment to “observe it,” or measure it.

Although it can’t be measured in the same way, it seems to work that way in our lives too.

Lets use common sense here.  You probably know people who are always expecting the worst don’t you?  Although they aren’t as plentiful, you’ve probably at least heard stories about the opposite too.  There are people who have faced extreme difficulties yet believed in themselves and kept going until they “made it.”  It only makes sense that they were either thinking about their problems or seeing their victory in their mind’s eye.

So that idea carries over to our everyday lives and the circumstances that seem to find their way to us.  The more you focus on the negative, the more they seem to take up space in your world.  And the opposite is just as true.