NDE Experiences Give Different Perspective Of Suffering

With Evidence Of The Afterlife, Thinking Changes.

NDE White Light Shining On WorldI’ve been asked several variations of the same question recently so I would like to give my view on “Why does God allow suffering?” and here is one of them…

“You say when you had your nde, that God was pure love. Why has he/she created this often times really crappy world with cancer, rape etc? How is pure Love capable of creating a non loving person and planet?”

I don’t think God is the one who created what seems like this really crappy world!

And here’s what I think about the question, “Why does God allow suffering?”

I just simply think that is the wrong question to ask. My question is, “Why do so many people continue doing things that cause suffering?”

We were given free will and allowed the freedom to do as we please rather than being told what we had to do.  I think we were given a chance to be expressions of God’s Love but look what a mess we’ve made of things.

OK so here’s my rant but not without offering a solution:

We can no longer safely eat fish out of the ocean because it is so polluted with chemicals dumped there by industries that care more about making money than taking care of our planet.  I don’t see that as God’s plan or creation.

Kids can no longer safely stand on the street corner and wait for the school bus because chances are pretty good that a predator might come along and do them harm.  Predators have always been around but communities stuck together and helped each other out and provided support and protection.

I smiled at a girl riding her bike with her dad the other day and she glared back at me with hatred and defensiveness in her eyes. It seems she had been warned about smiling strangers and taught to see them as the enemy.  What a dilemma it is for parents to keep their kids safe yet help them grow up to be well adjusted and happy adults. That’s challenging when you have to stress what they need to fear in order to survive these days.

Go into a public place like a grocery store and look at the people waiting in line. So many people are in their own little worlds and they rarely make eye contact or make the effort to say hello.  It’s tough to find time between all the emails, texts, electronic games and cell phone calls now that we have cyber space to play in. We’ve lost our sense of community.  Having that bond, it’s been discovered, is a great benefit to health and the sense of well-being.

We don’t eat healthy food grown in our local area by healthy people working outside in nature, moving their bodies and getting the exercise needed to stay healthy.  Instead, food is being mass produced while most of us stay out of balance from no exercise, lots of unnatural lighting, being inside in unhealthy air in our environments, eating  what seems like plastic food full of chemicals while watching TV shows that put mostly garbage in our minds.

People feel worse and worse physically and big pharma saves the day by creating more pills with more side effects that require more pills.  If it requires any effort at all to be healthier, many people won’t do it.  So people get grumpier and lazier and look for someone to sue to end their problems.

I don’t believe there is a God up there making decisions about what kind of havoc will fall or deciding what to do to cause these things to happen.

That makes no sense in light of what I experiences so here is what I DO think…

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