Use Mind Power Training For Mental Blocks

3 Misconception About Mind Training and Subconscious Blocks

Whether you think of them as mental, subconscious, unconscious blocks or mental programming, there’s real power in training your mind to support you rather than sabotage you.  You don’t have to let anything control your thinking and behavior.  Take charge!Mind Power Training Breakthru

The worse part of it is that sometimes you are totally unaware of what is hidden below the threshold of awareness.  Just like ugly rock formations below the shimmering surface of a lake, they have the potential to cause some real problems.

Old mental programming can cause unwanted behavior, stress and health problems but they shouldn’t be thought of as

  • too hard to find.
  • too strong to overcome.
  • too numerous to ever make real progress with in order to see real change

I used to think that way because it was such a struggle to reach some of my goals.  I couldn’t seem to change some of the thoughts that came to my mind.  But I have changed my thinking dramatically for two reasons.

We now have

  • new discoveries about the brain
  • techniques that replace willpower

Change Your Thinking About Your Thinking

The block or programming isn’t hard to find when you practice mindfulness, being present.  If you pay attention, you will discover what chatter goes on in your thinking, or you will notice the way your body reacts when something happens that causes a “fight or flight” reaction or adrenaline rush when there is no real danger. Awareness at the time it happens gives you big clues about the real source of the reaction.

When you have awareness of it, you can STOP IT in its tracks!  Don’t let it keep winding up byStop Mental Blocks giving it the power of your emotions.  Stop feeding it and it will lose its strength.

Most people have things they react to but your body has intelligence and you can give it signals that can let it know there is no real danger.  It will stop the reaction if you change what you’re thinking. I use a slow deep breath, a statement of truth and a picture of something to break up the other thoughts.  It can take a little consistent practice but you can take control over unfounded fears.

If you think the blocks are too numerous, consider this.  They’re not too numerous because you only have to deal with the exact thing that is happening at the time.  There are techniques you can use, such as breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation or any of the many types of energy healing modalities to bring peace and calm back into your body and mind.  Stop each reaction as it comes up and you take the wind out of its sails.

Just don’t spend time in a state of fight or flight when there is no reason for it. If you pay attention to that and stop the reaction immediately, then you can move forward in a state that is healthy for your body and productive for your goals.