Question: Am I a Christian?

My Question: What Does That Really Mean?

I recorded this video in 2008 and a lot has changed with me since that time. I haven’t been asked if I’m a Christian for quite a while but I still get asked my thoughts on reincarnation by quite a few people. So maybe at least some people are becoming more open and spiritually minded as opposed to brick and mortar religious. I see much more independent thinking going on than I used to. I get a lot more heart felt questions and thoughts about what really happens after your body dies.

I thought I would do a little “brain dump” with my thoughts that came to me while listening to the video again.



Everything I said in the video still holds true and I would say all of those things again today.  I still believe what I was shown in my near death experience.  We must develop the capacity to truly love others. What is most important is developing the ability to truly allow the feeling of Love to flow from your heart out to others and the planet.

I wish more people believed that and were working on getting better at it.  It is so powerful!

Saying “I love you” without resonating it means nothing.  You must be able to feel the feelings and that is a step by step process for most people because of the way our brains work.  We all have painful memories and things we fear deep down, or egos that don’t like getting hurt.

The subconscious mind is usually running the show without drawing much attention to itself. It keeps you running on old habits and patterns until you “slam your fist down with determination” and make a decision to change things. Sometimes those subconscious programs need some work.

At the time of my near death experience, I was not the one in control.  My negative emotions and subconscious programs were.

I was pretty appalled by what I saw in my life review.  I’ve never forgotten that.  So I have great incentive and really work at having internal peace.  That has and still does require consistent practice and work because “life” is always happening and things are always changing.

My skills have developed over the years because I actually practice these things every day. I have had very tangible, measurable things happen that are a result of doing what I call the White Light Method.  That is the process that I started using faithfully after I had my experience I talk about in my story, “They Really Hated Me.”  (Click the pink button on the top right if you’d like it.) I saw something very real happen then that convinced me of the power that flows through us.

So the one thing that has really changed is that I’m no longer shy about the fact that we truly are co-creators.  I have seen too much to ignore that. I know we could be using our gifts to bring more Light and Love to the planet to get it back on track.

It is a way of life for me now to  create a high vibrating resonance of Love and Light that can be sent out to help situations or support the people I’m working with.  That requires practice because you have to develop a level of mastery with resonating energy that is beneficial and supportive.  But anyone can do that.  All it takes is enough desire so you consistently practice the simple skills that are needed. Once you can experience feelings on command, then you can project that energy to support the intention you have in mind.

I know that there is nothing special about me; there is nothing that I have that you don’t have.  And maybe you are even in a better place than I am to get results.

  • I still have major challenges that I am working on but even so…
  • I still see amazing results often enough so…
  • My conclusion is that you don’t have to be some kind of high, holy, advanced soul in order to manifest the changes you long for in your heart.

I feel strongly that we have continued opportunities to work at getting it right after we leave this body behind.  Maybe we come back here.  Maybe we go to another plane where we are schooled.  Maybe there are options that have never been revealed to any of us.

I don’t have all the answers but I know enough to think that we should do our best to develop our gifts and use them to heal our lives and manifest as much peace, Love and happiness as far as possible while we have the chance.