Near Death Experiences Hell

I was tapped into a pure vibration of Love and shown my life review in such a kind, loving and compassionate way. I had plenty of lessons to learn but there was no threat of punishment. I was told to “Seek Truth and Knowledge” and it was like information was downloaded into my mind. I understood it there but was confused about it when I woke up in the hospital.

But I have never thought about anything other than doing better so I can get back to that vibration of Love. That is why it is hard to understand those speaking about a hellish experiences. I always felt like if it that was an option, it would have been given to me. It felt more like it was impossible for that intense Love to be anything but that.

#2 I have a strong opinion about because as I mentioned, “Seek Truth and Knowledge” was a very clear instruction I was given. So I have. And I have learned so much and my gifts have developed because I use them to heal myself and help others whenever I can. I use techniques that help me feel internal peace. Then I ask questions and listen and that is how I have learned some astounding things and seen what we are capable of. I have some miraculous things that happen when I create prayers and intentions from that place of peace.

So I have come to feel that we have great gifts that we are intended to use to heal ourselves and the lovePx220world. I believe the Truth is the understanding that we can tap in to that high vibration of Love and Light and allow it to flow through us, bringing Light to the planet and manifesting some pretty miraculous things. That is how I believe we are intended to live.

Knowing the Truth, to me, means knowing how connected and one we can really be with God/Source/The Universe/Divine Mind/ The Creator. When we know that truth, we fear nothing. And that is true freedom. Jesus was pure Love, compassion, forgiveness etc. I believe we must follow in those footsteps and act the same if we want to get to that place called heaven.

That is why I give away my “Care Package” and share a lot of information in my webinars. It is a way of life that most people don’t understand. I also work with people because some people prefer that but I put a lot of free information and training out there. I think we have to start using our gifts and understanding that when we resonate fear and anger, it affects the planet. Without a little more Light and Love, we may not have one much longer.

And I also do think we are all one. You don’t hurt someone else without having to deal with that same kind of energy yourself. We pull each other up or down. When you seek Truth, and stay on a path of learning and growth, you come to understand that. When the time is right for that message to hit home, it will. It really changes the way you treat people.