Near Death Experiences Hell

Why Wasn’t I Threatened With Hell Too?

The “topic of near death experiences hell” is searched for quite a bit so I thought I would also put my thoughts here. I shared them on YouTube in response to the following comment left on my Peace Of Success YouTube channel. I get asked quite often about my thoughts on hell.

This video was recorded in 2008 and a lot has changed since then because of the work I do on myself. But the basic message I got from my near death experience still rings true.

Emotions are powerful and key to everything. That’s my point in the video but the question left was about hell and truth.

The Questions/Comments left for me:

“Hi Teri, thanks for all the great vids. Can you answer a couple of questions for me ? # 1 most NDE’s are positive but why do many people report sometimes really terrifying hellish NDE’s. ? # 2 When Jesus said know the truth & it shall set you free do you think he was trying to say we are all one ? is that what that truth was ? Thanks in advance. Les.”

My Response:

#1 is something I’ve thought about a lot although I don’t know that I would say “many people” in comparison with all those who talk about the Light and Unconditional Love. I have had so many people tell me about their beautiful NDE experiences that probably aren’t out there talking about it publicly. And they are similar to the ones that are out there talking about Love. They heard/felt the same message I did about what is important-all that really matters is Love, our capacity to truly love others.

I have always wondered if those hellish experiences actually did happen in the brains of those talking about them, sort of like some of the terrifying nightmares I’ve had in my life. Or was it really an NDE where hell was experienced? I personally have never seen documentation about someone who was monitored in the hospital and had no electrical activity in their brain that said they went to hell.

I claimed to be an atheist at the time and had gone through some very angry resentful years as a mixed up teenager. I was always fuming inside about life or what someone had done to me. That’s what really makes me wonder. Shouldn’t I have been threatened with hell too?

But instead…

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