NDE Life Reviews Point To Golden Rule

Do You Ever Think Watching The Movie Of Your Life?

NDE life reviews can be a shock to those having the near death experience. Many of them make drastic changes in personality when they get a 2nd chance. You can do things now so you don’t have to experience regret later. 

In this video interview (BELOW), Kenneth Ring speaks about why people change so much when they have NDEs. It was certainly my experience from watching my life review!

I could really relate to the way he described the re-living of the experiences, only as the other person; feeling the pain inflicted on the other person as if you are the other person.

I wish it was easier to get through to people while there is still time to change.  But I know that no one probably could have gotten through to me either.  Even so, I will continue trying to convey how important it is to get control of emotions and heal the pain that causes you to act in a way you will regret.

Knowing what it felt like to re-live my actions and their consequences is the reason I always put myself in another person’s shoes. It makes me think about treating them as I know I would want to be treated.  I’ve never forgotten that movie of my life with the anger and resentment I kept inside, ready to lash out at a second’s notice.

Watch the short video below…