Mom, Hospital and White Light Method

The Power of the White Light Meditation.

White Light Method For ManfestingI woke up thinking about my mom going into the hospital. I knew I had to keep my mind off of negative thoughts so I thought about past experiences of using the White Light Method. It took a lot of discipline to control my thoughts so I wasn’t imaging what could possibly happen as they anesthetized her at 90 years old for a proceedure.

I know better than to feel fear and think about her at the same time. Doing that only sends that kind of energy to her instead of supporting her with “Love energy.”

I always do my best to push those thoughts aside and instead, create a feeling of Love in my heart and send it off to her or any other person or situation I have in mind.

She’s a believer in the White Light Meditation because of an incident that could have gone much differently a few years ago.

I was visiting at Christmas when she appeared, white faced and shaking like a leaf, saying she needed a hug. I ran over to her and she nearly collapsed in my arms as she said over and over, “It was the White Light. It was the White Light.”

When she was able, she told me what had happened. She had gone to the basement and was walking across the room in what was normally a clear path, heading to the light switch. The house was full of relatives and their things and her foot had gotten looped in a bag. She tripped in the dark and there was nothing to grab onto. She just knew she was going to come down hard on the concrete floor. It was inevitable.

But suddenly she found herself across the room, safely resting against the wall. It was impossible for her to have gotten there on her own, according to her beliefs about what happened. She kept saying that she knew that what happened came about because she had been doing the White Light Meditation; seeing the White Light around herself so much. She had felt something happen as she began to fall that couldn’t be explained. She’s convinced that she was surrounded by and protected by the Light; protected by the Love of God.

So today, before she headed to the hospital, I called her and said, “I have a pre-hospital quiz for you. What is the most important thing you can do today?” To my amusement she answered, “See the White Light around me.”

I laughed, gave her an A+ and then together we did a quick version of the White Light Meditation. We saw rays of White Light streaming from the sky to surround her and protect her. We felt God’s Love for her and in faith, felt gratitude that she would be protected.

Mom and I don’t necessarily share the same spiritual beliefs but she’s willing to humor me at times, mostly because she has witnessed results even though she doesn’t understand them or care to.

After the procedure, I got a call from my nephew who was at Mom’s bedside in the hospital. He told me that she woke up long enough to say, “The White Light worked!” and then she went back to sleep.

I love it!

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