How To Get To Heaven

An NDE Shocks You Into Thinking More!

How to get to heaven footprintWhat may seem like a curse at times is that everything relates to my NDE. So I’m not short on opinions when asked how to get to heaven.  Here’s my answer to a question someone posted.  My thoughts are based on what I saw and believe because of my near death experience. Since then, it’s been an  “obsession” to make every moment count and change what I saw in my life review.  So I’m always thinking and learning.

(The comment/question: “so if I love and believe in god no matter if im christian or catholic I would go to heaven? please somebody help me because for days I felt like depressed not knowing if me and my parents would go to heaven. but my parents are loving people we’ve adopted and I love kids and I dont judge just try to help. my parents told me to pray and believe in god is that a good sign? because I’ve been feeling horrible of my own death and plus I have anxiety and clinical depression”)

I understand why most people believe as they do.  We’re taught by people who teach what they were taught.

But everything has changed and we need to change our thinking to take new discoveries into consideration.  What goes on in your heart and brain creates an electromagnetic field outside of your body.  That’s a scientific fact.

It is all about the vibration of Love, or the vibration of anger, or the vibration of gratitude or the vibration of resentment that matters.  We are energetic beings living in a field of energy where objects appear to be physical and feel solid but they’re not. There is “force of nature” that makes things seem that way but under an electron microscope, you see that about 95% of the solid object is space.  There is nothing there that is solid!  That is what changes everything-realizing that everything is energy and knowing there are also studies showing that we influence what takes form in our lives.

The thing that is mostly ignored but that you should be paying attention to is the frequency ofwhat is unconditional love energy you are resonating.  In other words, what it feels like to be around you.

Do others like the feeling they have in your presence? Do they like being around you because they feel safe and loved?  That’s the best test of all.  That shows you are on the road that leads to “heaven.”

Feeling Unconditional  Love like what I felt when “in the Light” may not even be possible here on planet earth, but showing kindness and compassion is something we can all do more of.

When I came out of the tunnel, what resonated from that place was indescribable bliss.  It was the state of heaven, the resonance of what can be thought of as heaven.

What matters at the end point is what you resonate, not what you claim to believe or even feel like you believe.  It is what you resonate.  Your beliefs can cause you to resonate a particular frequency but having a belief does not give you the stamp of approval.

Although studies show that people seem to receive benefits from believing in a Higher Power, I don’t believe the complete answer lies in BELIEVING in God. What I saw in my NDE is that we resonate energy because of how we really feel about things. You have to change how you feel and what you resonate. If you really FEEL Love, then you are resonating it. If you say it but inside feel jealous when you say it, for example, then you resonate jealousy.

ResonatePx200op    Science shows that we resonate energy. I believe you have to work on the practice of feeling the higher energies, feeling appreciation for things, or compassion for yourself and others etc. That is what will move you closer to that place people think of as “heaven.”

If I get depressed, I pay more attention to things to see what might be causing it. Then do something about it when possible.  And it is always possible to do something one way or another.

Part of the problem is that you’re bombarded with ads that set you up as a victim. You’re told you need something out there for any chance of changing things. But in actuality, you’re designed for self-empowerment and have great gifts and co-creative abilities.  You are shaping your future each moment and especially your health.

Your body’s intelligence does an amazing job of running things. And your immune system deserves a metal for the battles it fights for you.  It’s also been discovered that your brain is like a pharmacy that’s full of chemicals that can help you. Sometimes you just have to determine to take charge of what is going on inside of you and work with it.

It can be complicated because life is.  But it boils down to taking command of your emotions.  It’s a skill you can develop that allows you to empower your thoughts with the same feelings that you want in your life. What you resonate is what other people pick up from you and your energy impacts the way they act towards you.

What I’m talking about takes a little practice and you have to start wherever you are and be realistic about it. But I offer a lot of free help. Get my “Care Pkg” and I’ll let you know when I do my next free coaching on this process or when I hold my next free webinar.

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