GCI For the Doubting Thomas-Evidence

How Can This Information Be Ignored?

CGI or the Global Coherence Initiative should give you all the evidence you need to step up your personal power and start using your emotions in a way that empowers you.  You resonate energy that is regulated by what you feel so it’s time to take charge of your feelings!

We are learning that what we do with our thoughts, intentions and energy truly does matter–to our insides and to what is outside of ourselves also.

We were taught that we are all separate little islands with our own little allotment of energy that pumps from our heart to keep the body going. We were taught to believe that thoughts and the energy created by them have no effect outside of us, as if they are confined by the boundaries of the skin.

But science and new technology has shown that isn’t true.  Instruments can now measure energy and information that we both receive and send.

It is time to embrace the fact that everything in the universe is made up of energy.  Energy connects all things and it takes shape in a form that gets its mold from your intentions.  There is great power in your intentions.

My experimentation and application of what I’ve learned from and since my near death experience is chiseled in stone for me.  That’s because of the consistent results I’ve seen that always tracks back to what I really believe deep inside and what I resonate about it.

What manifests in our lives takes on its shape through the vision that is held in mind while beliefs and emotions are felt in your heart.  That is why so often, things don’t change.  You have to resonate the change you desire to see.  That is a skill that takes some mastery but anyone can use techniques that develop those skills.  Then you can use your energy and consciousness in a way that accomplishes great things.

At every moment, you can make a conscious decision about the type of energy you are contributing to the planet. Because of your choice, in some small way, or maybe even a big way, everyone carries more of a burden because of it or benefits from it.  That is a responsibility that I think should be taken very seriously!

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