Free White Light Method For Manifesting Pkg

New technology can prove and disprove things like never before. It shows you’re made of Light and Energy and that you can play a part in manifesting better health and the life changes you desire.

nde white light manifesting mp3sYour dream of a happy, healthy life with the freedom to live your own way is easier than ever to attain if you take advantage of new science and my down to earth simplistic way of using it in everyday life!

This is not hype. It is accepting what new science shows you, about you, and then running with it instead of doing things the old way.

Most people have carried their outdated 20th century beliefs into the 21st century. You can be one of the first or one of the last to apply what has been discovered but that day will eventually come for everyone.

There was a day when everyone knew the earth was flat, they knew this planet was at the center of the celestial heavens and they laughed at the idea that bacteria was killing newborns. Doctors refused to wash their hands between deliveries because it was so absurd.

Today, in our lifetime, new technology can measure and monitor things that many people ignore, including doctors, because they consider it to be absurd. Or they just can’t wrap their mind around it because if is so different than what they were taught to believe. So they stick with what feels comfortable and familiar.

Please don’t make that mistake because it is hurting you.

People of the future will be amazed that we lived as we do, ignoring how powerful we really are, ignoring the gifts we were all born with. Ignoring that we can learn how to manifest a better life.

We have a goldmine of new information that isn’t being applied effectively or at all. It could be, to make life happier, healthier, wealthier and easier.

There are exciting discoveries about:

  • the brain
  • the brain/body connection
  • the impact of beliefs on health and disease
  • the power of the placebo and nocebo effects
  • the energy system of the body
  • the electromagnetic field generated by the heart and brain
  • the realization that everything in the universe boils down to waves of energy
  • proof that your mind’s focus influences the waves that become physical matter
  • that we emit Light and that Light carries signals cell to cell
  • that we intuitively know information before it happens and that “knowing” causes your body to react in a way that matches how you’ll feel when the event actually happens
  • and so much more…

Life Coaching To Open MindThese things change everything if your mind is open enough to see it. You don’t have to wait to see what life will hand you.

Are you using the new discoveries to make your life easier?

All of those things give you a tremendous amount of personal power. This is what it really means…

  • It means that you can influence things going on in your world by focusing your energy in a new way.
  • It means you can create the type of signals that help you manifest healing and other things you’d like to have in your life.
  • It means that you can get answers to your questions from a source that knows more than any human could.
  • It means you can work with your feelings to create real, tangible changes in the physical world.
  • It means that you have a lot of influence over things that affect your life.

I’ve spent a lifetime learning what I know, practicing techniques and developing the skills I now have. I fumbled through life in a sense, picking up bits and pieces because I never found anyone who taught a balanced mix of the things I had come to believe. Having a near death experience, going through the tunnel without my body, removed any doubt that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

But I had to learn how to apply what was revealed to me, because we do live in a physical body in a physical world. Our personal power doesn’t always seem so close at hand and we’re certainly not taught to go there for solutions. Everything directs us to solutions “out there” in the physical, not “in there.” For the most part, our intuitive abilities, our inner GPS and our co-creative abilities are ignored.

It took a long time before things really sank in and I felt like I “got it,” because I had to figure things out on my own. Hopefully, the information I share can make it a lot easier for you. I see some pretty astounding results at times.

I believe that the method I used, the formula at the foundation of the White Light Method, is what helped me…

  • help my elderly mom keep from getting dangerously ill when she came down with something predicted to possibly end her life
  • help my my beloved dog Beau stay alive for 2 yrs with an excellent quality of life after being told he wouldn’t last more than weeks
  • manifest $10,000 two times in a magical way when I suddenly needed it
  • heal my severed fingertip literally overnight
  • heal a relationship that had been broken
  • manifest the perfect house that showed up without doing a thing but my WLM work to create it
  • heal a severe cold and flu in seconds when I needed to be able to perform on stage
  • sell physical products that customers called me for after I focused my energy on it with my process and sold thousands in products that hadn’t sold for a year

and so, so, so much more.

I hope my free WLM Care Pkg can help you too.