Feel Good Moment-Jammin’ Dog

This is a feel good moment and any time you laugh or smile, it is good for your health.  That’s because your emotions produce drugs that get released from your brain. And when you have an emotion that feels good, you are releasing drugs that support your immune system. Quite fascinating really.

Have you ever really thought about why you feel good when something makes you laugh or when you feel loved or appreciated?  It’s all quite legal and the way you were created. But it is because your brain is creating drugs and releasing them into your system.  The latest research on the placebo effect is quite interesting.  It even shows that in some cases, your brain can create the same mixture of chemicals that’s in a pill sold to you by a doctor.  Only your brain gives it to you free of charge just because you ingested a pill, even though you’re only taking a placebo.

The point? Laugh all you can.  It’s medicine for the soul and body!

My friend sent me this video today and  the timing was perfect.  It was a day that I found myself feeling just about as “grouchy” as I have in a long time.  I really needed a laugh.

As a dog lover, I couldn’t stop watching this over and over and laughing.

Laughter = good medicine.