Creating Heaven on Earth

Afterlife Stories Are About What To Do Now!

“We should be creating heaven on earth,” is the thought I took away from my NDE experience.  I saw that we are co-creating but it’s all the bad stuff. That’s because the focus of our attention is where our energy flows. New science shows that we create through the focus of consciousness, meaning what you observe in your mind and with your eyes. 

It’s a strange concept to grasp at first but it can’t be denied when you look at the science.

Yesterday as I walked through this field in the picture on a gorgeous November day, it struck me how beautiful everything is meant to be.  If we would only match our energy to that of thecreating heaven on earth with fall colors harmonious energy that is the Source of all things, life would be pretty darn good.

There is a natural harmony that has been disrupted by all of us as a whole. When we feel Love in our hearts and contribute that energy to the Universe, we are helping to create a world that literally feels like heaven.  My near death experience caused me to change what I believe about life here and life in the afterlife.  Heaven is a state as in state of mind and not a state as in a physical location or states like we have here in the USA.

When we change our state of mind, we change our emotional state too and that is the power behind creating change and creating heaven on earth.

When my energy turns chaotic, I look for things that will help me bring it back to its intended state of coherence. This video I found on YouTube sure helps with that!