The More Gratitude The More Good Health

A Life Of Gratitude And Tears Of Laughter.

MomI share this to make a point once again about the power of emotions, the power of feelings and the importance of how a person chooses to see life. It shows what an attitude of gratitude can do for you.

I was deeply struck by a newspaper clipping my mom sent me to show what she had put in the paper. She wanted to thank all of her friends for celebrating her 90th birthday with her. The quality is poor but it will always be one of my most priceless possessions.

My mom has always amazed me. She is one of those mysteries that are hard to understand, especially in light of things discovered in my studies in recent years.

She could easily have turned out to be someone embittered by life but instead, she laughs her way through everything. It is almost impossible to insult her and believe me, all of her 5 kids have tried and many of our friends. The more we poke fun at her, the harder she laughs at herself, right along with us. To someone who doesn’t know us, I’m sure we appear to be abusive. But she loves it and has everyone in stitches, holding their sides in pain from laughing with her as she laughs at herself and life.

It is intriguing to see someone like her who had a very rough young life, have such strong self-esteem, have so much fun and also be so healthy at her age.

Her dad left when she and her twin were very young and he never supported or cared for them in any way. Mom and her sister went through great hardships during the depression and certainly couldn’t have felt safe and secure. In order to just survive, my grandmother, who loved her children deeply, had to stand by as her twins where shifted around from one home to another while she worked doing anything she possibly could to make a few dollars. That must have been brutal for all of them. And then, her twin, with all of their closeness, died at the age of 11.

Many studies show how damaging it can be to live the kind of life that was forced on her at a very young age, and yet she laughs and has so much appreciation for her life, her friends and her family.

She could be complaining about getting old but instead she wrote,

Mom-90th-TY-blur-bl“Thank you, my many friends and my family, for making my 90th birthday so very unforgettable.

To those who came to the party, to those who wanted to come, but couldn’t, and to all those that helped to make the party beautiful, I thank you.

The number of cards I received is staggering. Some loving, and beautiful, and those which had me laughing.

90 years = thousands of friends.


I do believe that life is what we make of it. But because I didn’t inherit the secret sauce my mom seems to have, I am also very glad so many simple techniques and so much new information has been discovered. It can help anyone who wants to create a better life when it isn’t coming easily.