Another Of The NDE Experiences Like Mine

The video footage below is another NDE experience that talks about the importance of Love. The message is familiar.

I felt like I was sent back to learn how to love.  I usually mention the stark contrast I felt between the feeling I experienced while in the presence of the White Light and what it felt like to be me.  There was a very big gap!

It made an impression that was great enough to cause me to commit to finding a way to change the things I didn’t like as I watched my life review.

I still work every day towards that day when I feel no regrets about the “vibration” I radiate out to others.  I do that because I have never forgotten how badly I wanted to stay where I was.  But I knew I wasn’t ready.  Instead, I had to return to the pain of a body that had just been in a serious car crash and a life I wasn’t proud of.

I knew I had to change the vibration that radiated from my constant anger that flashed so often.  I had to find a way to stay in the higher vibration of “Love energy.”  It was very clearly understood that you don’t mesh with the vibrations that allow you to feel good when you are feeling emotions like anger.

We’re all a work in progress and every moment counts and is recorded for you to view it later. Love is the answer for everything!