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Before My Near Death Experience, It Was A Different Story…

This is Part 2 of why I created The White Light Method Care Pkg. Part one is on my About Teri Rose Page.

Back in the crazy 70’s when I was growing up, I felt pretty lost, rebelled against my religious upbringing and claimed to be an atheist. After having some bad experiences, I came to the carDP175op16conclusion that no loving God would create a world like the one we live in. So in those mixed up teenage years, I was full of emotional pain. I was angry about life because nothing about it seemed to make sense.

But my life changed in a heartbeat when the driver of an oncoming car decided to turn in front of me on the highway. All I know about what happened in this physical world was what I was told when I “came to” days later in the hospital.

To this day, I still have amnesia about some of my life. But I will never forget what happened with the “real me” after my car went airborne first, then landed in a ditch. I left my body behind, traveled through a tunnel and emerged into a place that words can’t describe.

Laying there in the hospital, all I could think about was the life review I had been shown, the White Light, the feeling of Unconditional Love I had experienced, and the contrast I felt between it and my own energy.

Some people say those experiences happen only in the mind but there are undeniable studies and scientists who say they don’t. They indicate that it is a spiritual experience, not an electrical experience in the brain. None of that matters to me because it was real to me. It was real enough that it set my life on a new course. I have always been driven by the experience and that has never stopped.

I had begged to come back and to be given another chance because I had a new understanding of what was important and what was not. And I really wanted to change. But when I awoke in the hospital, I had no idea how to go about it.

So over the years, I searched for ways to get control of my life and emotions and I did. I truly changed from the inside out. So I know it’s possible for anyone who wants to have greater inner peace. Today, many people feel as I did back then but don’t know what to do about it. I’d like my years of searching to be able to help others take a shortcut. You can connect with the power within you that allows you to feel empowered as you go through life.

My life is full of examples that show what is possible when you use the White Light Method and send high vibrating energy that you’ve stamped with your intention.

Confirm Email Picv5I share what I think of as my seed stories so those examples can be used as models. My stories illustrate what is possible when you focus your mind and energy and use tools, techniques and new discoveries like I talk about. There is no doubt that we play a role in creating the life we are living. That means we can use that power to change the things we don’t like.

I hope you will take the time to imagine what your own life review would look like if you saw it today. You can figure out what you would like to see in a different light some day and do something about it starting now.

If you’d like some help with that, contact me for more information about my coaching or strategy sessions. I’ll do all I can to help you end up with a life review that doesn’t cause you to feel the way I did when I saw mine.

Teri Rose