Here’s Why I Created A White Light Method Care Package For You

 Teri Rose - Success CoachThis page is all about why I am speaking out. I have more information on my Peace Of Success Coaching/About Teri Rose website if you’re looking for different information.

It’s time, for those of us who feel the prompting in our hearts, to take action and step out of the crowd. We have to bring sanity back to this crazy world and we can. There are way too many good people with brilliant ideas and solutions that offer hope to let things continue as they are.

We can use our gifts and manifest the changes we’d like to see by doing things in a new way, which is really an old way that has been lost. The “Art of Manifesting” has been lost to left brained thinking and the idea of “fighting things.” We’re told to fight cancer and wars and anything that seems like a threat and obviously that isn’t working!

But we can co-create something different and get control away from those in control now who aren’t looking out for our best interests.

That seeming miracle will happen through those of us who believe we are powerful beings inside of these bodies and not helpless victims. I clearly saw what we’re made of during a NDE-DP-200“near death experience” from a car wreck years ago.

I didn’t talk about it for many years, because of what was probably some bad advice. But now I am.

After I discovered I was alive and in the hospital, I was confused and upset. So when I got out, I went to my dad looking for comfort and insight. But he said to me, “Teri Rose, don’t ever talk to anyone else about what you just told me. They will either think you are crazy or that it was really the devil that you saw. You should consider that and keep this to yourself.”

The look in his eyes sent a dagger to my heart. It created a wound that would stifle me for 3 decades. I kept my experience BrokenHt-GS-200to myself because I did not want to face what he predicted. His reaction knocked the wind out of me.

But questions about my near death experience never left my thoughts. So along with training in energy work and as a life coach, I studied the brain, health, consciousness, the quantum field, the power of intention, the power of the mind, the power of beliefs. I built a library of resources and followed cutting edge scientists and their discoveries that put holes in some of what we were taught to believe about the way things work. And I looked for ways to apply what I was learning to everyday life so I could make practical use of it.

Over the years and through many experiences, a new way of life evolved as I worked with insight that seemed to have been downloaded into my consciousness as I watched my life review. My tough lesson was all about my out of control emotions and the vibrations they create. I saw their power and the misuse and waste of my energy. I saw that we are co-creating our circumstances though our focus of attention and the use of intention.

I saw that manifesting has everything to do with how you feel inside. The real power comes from learning how to work with emotions and the feelings they create. It comes from mastering your emotions and becoming skillful with them, because that allows you to give life to what you create in your mind’s eye.

The results I’ve gotten from experimenting with those things over the years have built an unwavering belief. We are creating all the time with the vibration created from our thoughts and feelings and are not meant to live as if we are helpless victims. We do not have to accept anything in life as if it is cast in stone, from health issues to any other situation.

To me, it is priceless to know you can wake up every day with a feeling of empowerment. It comes from knowing you have a lot of control over what’s going on in your life and experiences, IF you choose to consciously create with your energy.

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