7 Points That Show You Are Manifesting

It’s Time For Conscious Manifesting – It’s The 21st Century

There is a great advantage to living in the 21st century for anyone who is truly questioning if we actually do impact energy that becomes matter. We have technology that didn’t exist whenCrack-GS-200 Newtonian Physics was carved in stone. There are now some major cracks in it.

You can walk through any number of new discoveries and be led to the same conclusion: YES, we do play a part in creating what shows up as the circumstances of our lives.

To know that is empowering because as soon as you are convinced, you can stop wasting that time and energy. Then it is available so you can focus it on changing the things that rob you of happiness.

I’ll mention just a few things here. I go into it much more deeply on the free online training calls and webinars I offer.

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Here is some food for thought for now..

  • Scientists now have fMRIs. They allow them to watch a movie of what goes on in your brain and body and follow the movement of things. Before, all they had was still shots that led them to believe things that have been thrown out the window now.
  • As shown by HeartMath Institute’s studies of the heart, your heart receives information that you react to before your brain even receives it at times. Your body reacts to information it receives intuitively and your vibration changes.
  • Your heart and brain have electrical energy that creates an electromagnetic field outside of your body.
  • The energy you resonate can be measured outside of your body and it fluctuates with your feelings. Your brainwaves can even be seen in the brainwaves of a person you are interacting with.
  • German Physicist Fritz Albert Popp was the first to show that biophotons, particles of Light, are emitted from your physical body and that Light carries signals between your cells.
  • Studies on intention have produced measurable results that show we are able to impact others at a distance.
  • Random event generators have been used to create statistics of random events and studies have shown that human consciousness focused on a different outcome is able to create statistically relevant changes.

Confirm Email Picv5-350 And what is most important to me is the fact that I have used my White Light Method for manifesting incredible healing and many other things. In my free Care Pkg, I share my stories as examples of what to do so you can focus your energy in the same way. (See top right)

There is no doubt that the Creative Force in the Universe responds to heart-felt intentions that are sent with clarity and the proper vibration.